Speed Skating


How I got started in Speed Skating

I discovered my passion for the ice when I was five years old. Our neighbor would take us skating at the Cumberland arena after school. She saw how driven and fast I was for a five year old and told my parents about speed skating. We had never heard of speed skating before in our area so we decided to try it out when I turned six.

Speed skating combined two things I loved, ice skating and going fast, or what I thought was fast at the time. I spent the next three years speed skating. I moved up quickly in the categories and was doing well but started to have some frustration, and as a result, I decided not to enroll in the program the following season. Instead, I spent the next winter learning how to alpine ski race with my older brother.

During the ski season I realized that something, a feeling, was missing. The next season I decided to get back into speed skating.

In the winter of 2004 and 2005 I was eleven years old and I told myself that if I was coming back I wanted to be the best. Instead of being disappointed when I would lose in races, I found motivation to work harder. If somebody else could do something, then there was no reason that I could not do it too, if I worked hard and tried my best.

Some people said I was stubborn and others told me that my goals were too big. All I could think to tell them was that there was no point in doing something if you do not plan on giving it your best effort.

Even today I tell myself I want to be the best. The only difference is that now I know it doesn’t come overnight and that there is still alot of work to be done. One of my proudest memories was winning the Canadian Olympic trials at 19 years of age.

Speed Skating Athlete Profile

Vincent De Haître won his first medal at the ISU World Single Distances Championships in 2017, taking silver in the 1000m. He followed it a day later with a near-podium in the 1500m, ending up in fourth place. At the ISU World Sprint Championships at the end of February, he broke the Canadian record in the 1000m.

Racing Experience and Results


2014 Sotchi1500m – MenSpeed Skating – Long Track 33
2014 Sotchi1500m – MenSpeed Skating – Long Track 20
Calgary (CAN)  500m – MenSpeed Skating – Long Track34,90 
Calgary (CAN)1000m – MenSpeed Skating – Long Track1:06,72 
Calgary (CAN)1500m – MenSpeed Skating – Long Track1:43,13 
Calgary (CAN)3000m – MenSpeed Skating – Long Track3:44,76 
Calgary (CAN)5000m – MenSpeed Skating – Long Track6:39,86 

SEASON 2017-18

  • 2018 Olympic Trials
  • 2018 Olympics

SEASON 2016-17

  • World Sprint Championship, 9th overall
  • February 25th set new 1000M Canadian record, 1:06,72
  • World Single Distance Championship, 1000M – Silver Medal, 1500M – 4th place
  • Astana World Cup, 1000M, Gold medal
  • World Cup Team Sprint, Overall Champion, 1 Gold and 1 Silver
  • 1000M – 2nd overall World Cup Ranking

SEASON 2015-16

  • Team Sprint World record
  • Team sprint 2 Gold, 1 Bronze and overall Silver Championship

SEASON 2014-15

  • Bronze medalist at World Cup Final in Erfurt, Germany 
  • National Champion in 1000M
  • World’s Fastest 1000M of the season

SEASON 2013-14

  • 2014 Olympic Trials
    • Gold in the 1000M.
    • Bronze in the 1500M

SEASON 2012-13

  • Can-Am International in Calgary (Nov. 15-18): He was 26th (7:03.93) in the 5000, setting a personal record.
  • Junior World Cup in Calgary (Nov. 15-16): He was fourth in the 500 m (36.56) and 1000 m (1:11.33), third (1:49.73) in the 1500 and eighth (4:02.95) in the 3000 m, setting personal records in each distance.
  • World Cup Final in Collalbo. Italy (Feb. 16-17): He was seventh (37.30) in the 500 m and 16th (4:10.66) in the 3000 m.
  • World Junior Championships in Collalbo. Italy (Feb. 22-24): He was ninth in the samalog 500 m with a 14th place (36.94) and eighth place (36.91). He was seventh (1:12.71) in the 1000 m, 10th (1:52.85) in the 1500 m and 24th (4:05.26) in the 3000 m.
  • Canada Cup #1 in Quebec City (Nov. 30-Dec. 1): He was 12th (39.18) and 10th (38.59) in the 500 m, seventh (1:17.41) in the 1000 m, seventh (1:58.70) in the 1500 m, third (4:20.33) in the 3000 m and 14th (7:35.35) in the 5000 m.
  • Canada Cup #2 in Calgary (Jan. 3-6): He set a personal record in the 3000 m with a second place finish (3:57.02), and was sixth (7:05.73) in the 5000 m.
  • Oval Finale in Calgary (March 6-11): He placed 32nd (36.38) and 23rd (36.09) in the 500 m, 12th (1:10.03) and seventh (1:09.64) in the 1000 m, 15th (1:48.00) in the 1500 m and 13th (3:55.94) in the 3000 m. He set personal records in the 1000 m, 1500 m and 3000 m.
  • Canadian Junior Championships in Quebec City (Feb. 1-3): He was second (38.72) and first (38.45) in the 500 m, first in both 1000 m (1:16.62, 1:15.81) and first (1:59.19) in the 1500 m.
  • Canadian Single Distances Championships in Calgary (Jan. 3-6): He was 13th (72.32) in the samalog 500 m (36.07 15th; 36.25 14th), 11th (1:10.56) in the 1000 m and 12th (1:49.21) in the 1500 m. He set personal bests in the 1000 m and 1500 m.
  • Final Canadian National ranking: He ranked 18th in the 500 m, 10th in the 1500 m, 11th in the 1500 m and 34th in the 5000 m.

SEASON 2011-12

Longtrack – Canada Cup #2 – Junior Trial

  • 1st in 1500m, 2nd in 1000m, 3rd in 500m


Short Track Canada Winter Games Ontario Team Member

  • 2nd in Team Relay, 4th place – 1000M


Short Track Ontario Winter Games

  • 1st in 500m, 1st in 1000m, 2nd in 1500m, 1st in Team Relay

SEASON 2009-10

Ontario fastest 500m skater, Rick Morrison Memorial Award

Speed Skating Athlete Profile

Racing Class: Senior

I have been following a skating training system set up by my coach. This includes structured training workouts, weight training and race support.   During the winter, we have access to coaching support 7 days week.  We have coaching and Team Manager support at all major races. I am being trained and monitored through a structured training system designed by our coach and support staff. Training includes strength training, interval workouts, training zone evaluations, video analysis and monitoring of training and racing by the coach.  We worked on individual and group skills relevant to Long track speed skating.



Getting into the Sport: Started speed skating at age five after going public skating with his neighbours… Gave it up at age 9 to try alpine skiing before realizing he loved skating…

Outside Interests: Enjoys riding his mountain bike, cross-country skiing, playing pool, watching pro F1 racing simulator, and listening to music…  

Odds and Ends: Had his Olympic dream sparked by watching Salt Lake City 2002 and seeing Catriona Le May Doan’s Vector commercial… Nickname: Quadzilla… Favourite motto: Uphill is the quickest way to the top…

Click source for more information : https://olympic.ca/team-canada/vincent-de-haitre/