Speed Skating Athlete Profile

Skater Information

Skater’s Name:            Vincent De Haître

Hometown:                 Cumberland, ON

Birth date:                   June 16, 1994

Racing Class:               Senior

Racing Discipline:          Longtrack Speed Skating

Home Club:                  Gloucester Concordes

Oval/Calgary Coach:      Bart Schouten

Years of speed skating:   16 years


Training Environment: I have been following a skating training system set up by my coach. This includes structured training workouts, weight training and race support.   During the winter, we have access to coaching support 7 days week.  We have coaching and Team Manager support at all major races. I am being trained and monitored through a structured training system designed by our coach and support staff. Training includes strength training, interval workouts, training zone evaluations, video analysis and monitoring of training and racing by the coach.  We worked on individual and group skills relevant to Long track speed skating.


Current Status as a Skater:

  • National longtrack team member Elite Pool

Best racing abilities:

  • Sprinting / Middle distances

Other Sports Interests: 

  • Road and track cycling

School and grade:

  • Graduate of École Secondaire Béatrice-Desloges.
  • Attending University of Calgary

Other interests

  • Various outdoor activities.

Goals for 2016-17:

  • Win medals for Canada at World Cups and World Championships

Ultimate goals:

  • Become Olympic medalist

I enjoy this sport immensely and would like to continue to develop my skills to the highest level possible.


Vincent De Haître

Member of the National Longtrack team


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